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Top reasons to hire

1. Recruit from BCIT’s top education programs

BCIT has a solid reputation for quality training taught by instructors who are industry professionals. Students combine theory with practical, hands-on lessons in well-equipped shops. From Day 1, students are taught job ready skills to meet industry needs.

2. Fill short-term hiring needs without commitment

Co-op and Internships allow you to hire for peak seasons or short term needs without committing to long term employment . Students are already receiving their technical training in the classroom and are eager to apply and share these skills in your company.

3. Find future full-time employees

Think of hiring students as a long interview. Both you and your student have the opportunity to assess whether the fit is the right one.  Often, our graduating students return to their Co-op or Internship employer for full-time work, saving them time and money in future recruitment.

4. Increase your brand exposure

By getting involved with co-op, internships, or projects, your company will benefit from word of mouth promotion by students who have completed a project or work term with you. Students often speak highly of their employer sponsors and recommend classmates to those organizations after graduation.

5. Give back to your industry

Investing in the hands-on training of students helps the future of your trade. Positive, skill-building experiences reinforce the career decisions and help to increase the number of students entering the trade in the future.  Remember, someone gave you your first break when you started out!

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Employer Testimonial

Ballard Power Systems

This is a great program. It helps us introduce our technology to students at the same time the student also benefits on the experience and the knowledge of how fuel cells are manufactured as well as learning how a manufacturing processes works.