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BCIT’s Heavy Duty Truck Technology program prepares students for apprenticeship with the latest technologies. Students are immersed in the future of transportation, while gaining manufacturer-level certifications.

Upon completion of the program, students possess in-depth diagnostic skills in areas such as electric vehicle propulsion, fuel cells, power generation, A/C motor control, and mobile refrigeration.

With four technical training terms in addition to their co-op work term, students spend more time on each topic than apprentices in a traditional heavy duty truck apprenticeship program. They also complete a management course, preparing them for many high-demand positions and advancement opportunities.

What you need to know


Before starting their co-op work term, students have already completed three technical training terms and have learned occupational skills and safety training.  They also have the ability to service, repair and diagnose:

  • air systems and brakes
  • steering and suspension systems
  • hydraulic systems
  • HVAC systems on mobile vehicles
  • engines and support systems
  • electrical systems


Students are typically available from January, May and September.  They are required to complete one 15-week Co-op term after their 3rd academic term.

When to recruit

We recommend that you begin recruiting approximately three or four months prior to the start of a work term to have the greatest selection of candidates.


Check out our handy one-page guide for more information, or call to speak to the HDTT Co-op Coordinator.

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