Math Self-Assessment for Technology Entry

When you take the Technology Entry program at BCIT, you will be required to take math and science courses in which you will need to apply your mathematical skills. You will be using algebra, trigonometry and geometry that you have already learned in high school.

Although the instructor will briefly review the mathematics fundamentals (see below), it will be assumed that you are familiar with these concepts before you arrive.

We want you to have a rewarding and successful experience at BCIT. This is more likely to happen if you are adequately prepared in basic mathematical skills. In order to test just how much you do remember of the basics, please try the provided math self-assessment test [PDF]. When you are done, use the math self-assessment scoring page [PDF] to check your answers and total your test score.

If you score:

Mathematics fundamentals that you should know:

Mathematics fundamentals that would be desirable:

How to refresh or enhance your skills:

  1. Access to Pre-Calculus Math 11 is available through your local B.C. school board. In addition many community colleges will offer equivalent courses.
  2. At BCIT there is a one course that can be used to refresh and upgrade to a Grade 11 level, Math 0007. This is a BCIT Math 11 equivalent taken through Part Time Studies at the Burnaby campus of BCIT.

For information on registration, go to the BCIT Mathematics Part-time studies or BCIT Mathematics Distance Education websites.