Education Council

The Education Council exists under the authority of the College and Institute Act (in the Council's by-laws, this is referred to as "the Act"). The Council:

The Education Council established by-laws, standing procedures and standing committees [PDF] to facilitate Council business.

Education Council meetings

Meeting location is in Burnaby SE40 (Royal Oak campus), the Boardroom. Meeting time is 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Click on the highlighted dates below to view the Minutes of the meetings.

Minutes and meeting dates for 2016/2017:

Minutes and meeting dates for 2015/2016:

Minutes and meeting dates for 2014/2015:

 Minutes and meeting dates for 2013/2014:

Minutes and meeting dates for 2012/2013:

Minutes and meeting dates for 2012:

Voting members 2017-2018

Jennifer Figner, Chair
Chris Wiebe, Vice Chair
Craig Cowan, Vice Chair
Andrea Matthews
Angie Chan
Anthony Chan
Bob Gill
Dean Tamboline
Eric Fry
Harj Dhaliwal
Joanne Atha
Matt Vickars
Michael Currie
Richard Plett
Sergey Bukharov
Tim Carson
Tom Roemer
Trudy Bruce
Vasiliy Baryshnikov

One vacant seat remains

Non-voting members 2017-2018

Kathy Kinloch, BCIT President

Official guests of Education Council 2017-2018

Dawna Mackay
Kory Wilson
Robyn Lougheed
Tracy Wang

Coordinator for Education Council: Joanne Schaap

For information on Education Council, please contact Joanne at 604-432-8529 or