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Health leadership

This program provides emerging leaders with a foundation for future growth in healthcare leadership.

Take individual courses as an undeclared major

If you are not formally in a program in our department, you can still register for a limited number of courses as an Undeclared Major student. This is an excellent way for you to attempt some courses before committing yourself to completing a full program of study. As an Undeclared Major student, the following courses are available to you whenever they are offered.

For details, see the Annual Course Schedule and the Student Progress Milestones.

Take individual courses through your program at BCIT

Our courses are equivalent in academic rigour to 4th-year courses of a bachelor’s degree program. Several BCIT programs¬†outside of Health Care Management have incorporated our courses into their program requirements. ¬†BCIT students who are in a formal program may be able to take some Health Care Management courses as elective credit. Contact your own program for advice, then contact our department for approval.