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  • The BSN instructor will make initial contact with the preceptor by phone, email and/or visit and maintain contact throughout the preceptorship via phone/email between visits.
  • The instructor will meet with the student and the preceptor at least twice during the course.
  • For students who request and are placed outside the lower mainland, phone calls and email will be used to maintain contact and to monitor student progress. If a visit is made, the student is responsible for costs associated with the visit.

Prior to instructor midterm & final visits

  • Photo of instructors visiting students and preceptors.The student, preceptor and instructor will negotiate a suitable date and time for the visit.
  • The student will complete the midterm clinical evaluation form.
  • The student will give the evaluation form to the preceptor with sufficient time to add comments.

Midterm visit

  • The instructor will meet with the student and the preceptor to discuss areas of strength, areas for continued development, and the student’s progress towards meeting the course outcomes.
  • Following the interview the instructor will add comments to the evaluation form.

Final visit

  • The clinical evaluation form will be reviewed during the final instructor visit.
  • It is the instructor’s responsibility to make the final recommendation for the course grade.
  • Out of the lower mainland students will fax or email in the completed evaluation form to the instructor. The instructor will then speak with the preceptor and/or student by telephone.

Note: In specified focus of practice areas, midterm and final visits may include both the BSN instructor and the BCIT nursing specialty instructor.