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The Biotechnology laboratories at BCIT are equipped to conduct applied research and deliver training to students enrolled in our Biotechnology Programs:

Our main lab is licensed for radioisotopes and contains all the equipment necessary to propagate bacterial cultures, perform small-scale fermentation, purify and analyze DNA, RNA & proteins.

There is also dedicated space for plant cell culture (including a greenhouse on campus) and a Level II cell culture facility equipped with four biological safety cabinets, four laminar flow hoods, four CO2 incubators, several inverted microscopes and three epifluorescence microscopes.

The Integrated Molecular Biology Lab (IMBL) was created through infrastructure funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), BC Knowledge Development Fund, Genome BC and the Western Economic Diversification Fund.

IMBL is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, including a multilabel (Envision™) plate reader, microplate scintillation (luminescence) counter, real-time PCR, genetic analyzer (sequencer), microarray scanner and epifluorescence microscope imaging system.

The mandate of IMBL is to serve as a cross-disciplinary hub for collaborations between groups at BCIT involved in life sciences research and training, and to foster partnerships with other academic institutions or the biotechnology sector.