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Recent Activity

Program & nature of submission to SQC

Program Champion

December 2022
Advanced Certificate in Pediatric Anesthesia Care Specialty Nursing (Major Change Proposal) Tara Hodgson & Michelle Dunphy
June 2022
Advanced Diploma – Cardiac Sonography (New Course Review) Heather Bourke
April 2022
Advanced Certificate in Cardiovascular Perfusion (New Course Review – 2 courses) Robin Wolfe
March 2022
Advanced Certificate in Digital Health (New Certificate Proposal) Glynda Rees
Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Health (Major Change Proposal) Dale Chen
December 2021
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Program Review: Self Study Report) Inge Kassteen
November 2021
Perinatal Nursing Specialty Nursing (New Course Review) Nicole Pasquino
October 2021
Diploma in Magnetic Resonance (New Diploma Proposal) Ray Lee
July 2021
Diploma in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (New Program – Notice of Intent) Domenico Celli & Ray Lee
Microcredential in Breast Sonography (New Microcredential Proposal) Ken Marken & Kim Talarico
Microcredential in Musculoskeletal Sonography (New Microcredential Proposal) Ken Marken
June 2021
LPN Perioperative Clinical 2: Implementing the Circulating Nurse Role (New Course) Cindy Chiang, Valerie Johnson and Sheena Thursby
LPN Perioperative Clinical 3: Advancing Scrub & Circulating Nurse Roles (New Course)
Advanced Certificate in Digital Health – New Program (Notice of Intent) Glynda Rees
May 2021
Certificate in Advanced Safety Management – Major Program Change (Curriculum & Name Change) David Wood
March 2021
Associate Certificate for Occupational Health & Safety Practitioners – New Associate Certificate (expedited) David Wood
January 2021
Diploma in Electroneurophysiology – Major Program Change (Curriculum) Kristi McIntosh
December 2020
Diploma in Medical Radiography Technology – Major Program Change (Curriculum) Meena Amlani
Diploma in Food Technology – Major Program Change (Curriculum) Rebecca Robertson & Erin Friesen
October 2020
Advanced Certificate in Specialty Nursing – Major Program Change (Grade) Tara Hodgson
August 2020
Perioperative Nursing Specialty – Course outline review (two new courses) Cindy Chiang
May 2020
Associate Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety – New
Certificate Proposal (Expedited)
David Wood
April 2020
Diploma in Nuclear Medicine Technology – Program
Review (Self Study Report)
Thomas Wong & Debbie Shaw
March 2020
BSc in Specialty Nursing Degree Program – Program
Review (Self Study Report)
Pauline O’Reilly
Associate Certificate in Food Safety – Major Program
Change Proposal
Anne McCannel
BTech in Environmental Health – Major Program
Change Proposal
Martin Macleod
December 2019
Occupational Health & Safety Program Review (Self Study Report) Robert Miller
November 2019
Medical Laboratory Science – Major Change Proposal Review Andre Caron
October 2019
BSc (Honours) in Biotechnology – Program Review (Self Study Report) Carol Friedrich-Fong & David Oliver

Past Activity