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The student is registered in either BSNC 8100 Practice of Nursing 9 or BSNC 8200 Practice of Nursing 10 and pays fees to BCIT.

The student receives bursary funding from the health authority, is supernumerary in the unit or focus of practice area, and works within the work schedule of the preceptor.

The student practices within the CRNBC Professional Standards.

The Preceptorship student:

  • Initiates contact with preceptor before each preceptorship experience begins.
  • Familiarizes and complies with health authority and BCIT policies.
  • Creates and updates a learning plan for each experience that is congruent with course outcomes and individual learning needs.
  • Provides planned shift schedule to BCIT instructor. Notifies instructor of changes.
  • Clarifies BCIT curriculum, program expectations, and student role with preceptor.
  • Takes initiative to seek out learning opportunities and solicits feedback about own practice.
  • Identifies own limitations and uses assertiveness to seek direction.
  • Assumes responsibility for increasing knowledge base and consolidating skills. Researches clients’ conditions and treatment regimes.
  • Facilitates frequent, honest communication with preceptor and health care team.
  • Provides competent nursing care through the process of critical thinking, clinical reasoning and decision making.
  • Maintains regular contact with the BSN instructor.
  • Completes all assignments at a satisfactory level. Responds timely to instructor’s questions and prompts.
  • Completes midterm and final evaluation forms.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude towards nursing and a strong work ethic.
  • Demonstrates professional behavior in all aspects of the preceptorship experience.
  • Ensures recorded clinical hours are validated by preceptor/RN and submits to BCIT.