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The BCIT learner:

  • The learner works within the work schedule of the preceptor.
  • The learner practices within the BCCNM Professional Standards.
  • Demonstrates professional behaviour in all aspects of the preceptorship experience.
  • Maintains open communications with the preceptor and the BCIT Instructor.
  • Maintains accountability for own learning activities.
  • Prepares for each clinical experience as needed.
  • Is accountable for own nursing actions while in the clinical setting.
  • Takes initiative to seek out learning opportunities and seeks out feedback about their own practice.
  • Arranges for preceptor’s supervision when performing procedures, as appropriate.
  • Contacts BCIT Instructor if assistance is necessary.
  • Respects the confidential nature of all information obtained during clinical experience.
  • Adheres to safety principles and legal standards in the performance of nursing care.
  • Demonstrates a strong professional work ethic.
  • Familiarizes and complies with the Health Authority, agency and BCIT policies.
  • Communicates any changes to schedule in a timely manner to the BCIT instructor and/or Preceptor.