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The BCIT BSN Preceptorship instructor is an employee of BCIT and maintains current CRNBC licensure.

The BSN Preceptorship instructor:

  • Initiates and maintains a professional collaborative relationship with preceptor, clinical nurse educator and unit manager.
  • Interprets BCIT’s philosophy, policies and clinical outcomes.
  • Ensures the educational needs of the student are available in  practice placements.
  • Assists the preceptor in implementing skills related to providing feedback, teaching and supervision.
  • Supports preceptor in facilitating student achievement of course outcomes.
  • Visits clinical agencies/focus of practice areas at arranged times to meet with preceptor and student.
  • Intervenes to assist student and preceptor when challenges emerge. Assists student in writing/modifying learning plan and goals if necessary.
  • Is available to deal with student/preceptor incidents (medication errors, injuries).
  • In specified focus of practice areas, collaborates with BCIT specialty nursing instructor.
  • Provides timely feedback on assignments.
  • Participates in clinical evaluation and is available to provide extra assistance to student and preceptor as required.
  • Encourages student participation in course evaluation.
  • Recommends the student’s final grade.