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Each learner is assigned an instructor who is available to assist both you and your learner throughout the preceptorship experience.

The BCIT BSN Preceptorship Instructor:

    • Collaborates with the preceptor in the supervision and evaluation of the learner’s clinical performance.
    • Educates the preceptor on the learner’s skill level and collaborates with the preceptor to ensure appropriate learner assignments and clinical experiences.
    • Communicates assignments and other essential information to the agencies.
    • Communicates BCIT’s policies and clinical outcomes.
    • Provides support and assistance to address any incidents (i.e., medication errors, injuries, etc.).
    • Meets regularly with the clinical preceptor and the learner in order to monitor and evaluate the learning experience.
    • Supports preceptor to give effective, constructive feedback to the learner.
    • Assists, facilitates or collaborates on/with preceptor strategies to support clinical reasoning and judgement.
    • Monitors learner progress through learner clinical debriefs, learner-faculty-preceptor conferences and review of learner clinical assignments.
    • Collaborates with learner to address learning needs and integrate strategies when needed.
    • Is readily available, e.g., telephone, or email for consultation when learners are in the clinical area.
    • Intervenes to assist learner and preceptor when challenges emerge.
    • Receives feedback from the preceptor regarding learner performance.
    • Provides feedback to preceptor regarding the clinical learning experience.
    • Provides recognition to the preceptor for participation as a preceptor

The BCIT Preceptorship Instructor is an employee of BCIT and maintains current BCCNM licensure.