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As part of the total BCIT quality assurance process, the SQC provides an objective review of proposals for new programs and significant curriculum changes. Accordingly, the committee has the responsibility to consult broadly within the SOHS and the Institute regarding educational quality processes and standards, and has the authority to contribute to the development of such processes and standards that are aligned with the needs of the learners, industry, SOHS and BCIT.

The SQC has the following specific responsibilities:

  • To review all new concept papers and program proposals, including course outlines and other supporting documentation.
  • To review significant curriculum change proposals to programs (all credentials) within the School.
  • To provide a report of its review with recommendations to the Dean of the School. This report accompanies the proposal to the next stage of the quality review (e.g. VP – Education).
  • Other responsibilities, as assigned by the Dean:
    • Review proposals for individual courses.
    • Participate in program curriculum reviews.
    • Establish and/or streamline processes for ongoing assessment of the quality of SOHS educational programs and activities.
    • Identify best practices and potential areas of improvement in educational programs and activities within SOHS, in alignment with the SOHS strategic and operational plans.

    The committee acts in an advisory role to programs on issues of curriculum development and educational quality consideration. The SQC, however, does not provide the content expertise required for vetting curriculum. The provision of such expertise is the responsibility of the Curriculum Committee of each program.