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Revolutionary Health Science Education

Simulation in the School of Health Sciences

Note: This website is still under construction. Contents subject to change without notice.

The School of Health Sciences simulation program has recently expanded significantly with the completion of the new Health Sciences Center (HSC) on the Burnaby campus and the ongoing renovation of additional simulation spaces in an existing building. The HSC has 64 simulation spaces and the newly renovated spaces in SE 12 have an additional 30 spaces.

exterior front-side view of colourful 3-story BCIT health sciences centre

The completion of the HSC and the renovated simulation spaces has allowed the SoHS to offer simulation experiences that support graduates to transition from student to professionals with the skills needed to care for the citizens of BC.

In addition to supporting students to develop the necessary capacities to care for the citizens of BC, the SOHS is also wanting to share our expertise, our spaces and technology to others in the healthcare and non-healthcare sectors. We believe that sharing our expertise and spaces we can assist those in the healthcare sector to provide an enhanced experience to improve student education and professional development for those in practice. Sharing our expertise and spaces in the non-healthcare sector builds public recognition of the complexities of the healthcare profession and may inspire interest in a career in healthcare.

360° Viewing Instructions:
On desktop PC click & drag the mouse to look around. View full screen (f), or change quality in ‘Settings‘. On mobile device use a finger to look around, or move the device (iPhone not supported). Can also use a VR headset. PAUSE the 360° video for more viewing time.

On the associated web pages, you will find information about our simulation program, our spaces and our most valuable asset, our people.

If you are looking to enhance your simulation experiences or looking for an area to film in, we hope that you will consider BCIT’s SOHS simulation program for any of your needs.

WCCHSE Conference 2024

Come join us for the Western Canada Collaborative of Health Sciences Educators 2024 Conference Building On Momentum: Creating Our Future on May 16-17 at the BCIT Burnaby Campus