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BCIT partners with options for sexual health to support certified practice in reproductive health for registered nurses in BC

Beginning April 1, 2010, provincial government changes to the scope of practice for registered nurses in B.C. permit nurses practicing in Contraceptive Management (CM) and Sexually Transmitted Infection Management (STIM) to perform clinical functions previously only within the scope of physicians or registered nurses operating under a delegation of medical function or standing/direct order. These changes represent an important step towards reducing the cost of sexual and reproductive health care and a more effective utilization of registered nurses in the health system.

All registered nurses in British Columbia working autonomously in reproductive health must now be certified in this practice area with the BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM).

The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is the sole provider of BCCNM-approved CM education and one of two STIM education providers. Developed in partnership with Options for Sexual Health (OPT), BCIT’s curricula teach and apply the knowledge and Decision Support Tools (DST) required for safe, competent and ethical clinical practice. Successful completion of these courses allows for registration to certified practice in the respective area(s) of reproductive health for Registered Nurses and Registered Midwives.
BCIT’s courses in reproductive Health are:

  • NSPN 7710 Pelvic Exam Course – ** Recomended pre-requisite for NSPN 7735 and NSPN 7736. This practical combined online theory and skills (1 day) workshop prepares clinicians to offer trauma-informated and patient-centred pelvic exams. Students will have the opportunity to perform pelvic exams on Clinical Teaching Assistants, who are trained to teach and guide students in pelvic exams while receiving exams themselves. Please note this course is not required for certified practice but is strongly recommended as a pre-requisite to NSPN 7736.
  • NSPN 7720 Contraceptive Management – is taught as an online, six week, two credit course that is offered a six per year. The curriculum is approved by BCCNM and framed upon the BCCNM’s Contraceptive Management Decision Support Tools.
  • NSPN 7735 Sexually Transmitted Infections Management – Theory Only – is a theory-based, ten week, two credit, online course. The curriculum approved by BCCNM and is based upon the BCCNM’s Sexually Transmitted Infection Management Decision Support Tools. In order to be certified, students must pass this theory course and the clinical course (NSPN 7736)
  • NSPN 7736 Sexually Transmitted Infections Management Clinical Course – is the required clinical component for BCCNM STIM certification. It is a clinical practicum placement with a value of one credit. In order to enroll student must have valid BCCNM registration and must receive approval from BCIT faculty. Students may take both NSPN 7735 and 7736 in the same term, but must successfully complete at least module 4 of the theory course (NSPN 7735) before beginning the clinical portion (NSPN 7736). The theory course and practical course must be completed with one year of each other. Practicums typically are completed in a series of 3-4 hours shifts for a total of 20-24 hours.

Employers interested in booking a group of nurses outside of the posted dates should contact the Perinatal Program Head, Farah Jetha. Please note that the minimum number for a cohort is six.

Registered nurses new to the province of British Columbia who have previous experience in reproductive health may challenge the course through our Prior Learning and Recognition (PLAR) process and with approval from BCCNM. Nurses interested in PLAR credit should also contact the Perinatal Program Head, Farah Jetha.