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BCIT nursing students have extensive experience with open and regular feedback as well as working with groups of people because of problem-based theory courses. However, some conflict may arise.

There will likely be different ideas about how to approach problems and sometimes about basic belief systems. Often opportunities for problem solving arise if common goals can be identified. Here are some suggestions to develop a collaborative approach to conflict resolution:

  • Celebrate the differences in people’s perspectives.
  • View the student as actively involved in care.
  • Describe the conflict clearly. For example, “We disagree on when this client will be ready for discharge.”
  • Clearly outline the differences, For example, “You think….while I think….”
  • Look at the conflict from different points of view. For example, “The consequences of your ideas are…..and the consequences of my ideas ….” Often at this point the similarities between the views are clearer.
  • Clarify the goals for the client. For example, “The client wants to go home as soon as possible.”
  • Identify all that will be required to achieve the goal, then reach consensus on actions that are reasonable and effective.
  • Debrief the process used to resolve the conflict.

If conflict becomes a struggle or is not resolved, please do not hesitate to call the BCIT instructor for assistance.