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BCIT asks that all preceptors have current BCCNM license. It is preferable that the preceptor have at least one year of full-time employment in the agency. An interest in preceptorship and willingness to be a preceptor enhances the learning experience for both preceptor and learner.

Ideally the preceptor has participated in a preceptorship workshop if offered by the health authority. The preceptor is responsible and accountable to their employment agency, and not to BCIT.

The Preceptor:

  • Participates in an orientation.
  • Functions as a professional role model in the clinical setting.
  • Facilitates the learning activities for the learner.
  • Orients the learner to the unit, including physical layout, daily routines, patient population, and introductions to staff.
  • Guides, facilitates, supervises, and monitors the learner in achieving the clinical objectives.
  • Supervise the learner’s performance of skills and other nursing activities when needed to assure safe practice.
  • Collaborates with faculty to review the progress of the learner toward meeting clinical learning competencies/outcomes.
  • Provides direct timely feedback to the learner regarding clinical performance.
  • Contacts the BCIT Instructor if assistance is needed or if any problem with learner performance occurs.
  • Discusses with the BCIT Instructor/learner arrangements for appropriate coverage for supervision of the learner should the preceptor be absent.
  • Gives feedback to the nursing program regarding clinical experience for learner and suggestions for program development.