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Program overview

Level 1
September to December
Level 2A
January to May
Level 2B
June to August
Level 3
September to December
Level 4
January to May
Level 5
June to August
10 academic courses Clinical at site 1 3 online courses Clinical at site 2 10 academic courses Clinical at site 2
3 online courses 3 online courses One online course

For specific course information, please refer to the Program Matrix.

Clinical requirements

The table below indicates the clinical requirements for each term. In addition, each term will link to a document that indicates the overall focus and level of ability for students in that term.

Level 2A [PDF]
January to May
Level 3 [PDF]
September to December
Level 5 [PDF]
June to August
25 verbal critiques 12 verbal critiques 9 verbal critiques
20 competency evaluations 16 competency evaluations 13 competency evaluations
7 validation evaluations 9 validation evaluations
18 CT verbal critiques 19 CT critiques
2 CT competency evaluations 3 CT competency evaluations

The overall portfolio requirements for all three clinical terms are summarized here [PDF] for ease of reference. In order to keep track of individual student term progress, students can use the portfolio checklist [PDF].


Please refer to CompTracker for the most up-to-date forms available. If needed, these copies are available to print for reference.

Continuing professional development

Please note that these forms may be updated frequently. Feel free to contact the clinical coordinator for updated versions or exemplars.

We have compiled a short list [PDF] of helpful resources for radiography preceptors. Please feel free to distribute these.

Roles & responsibilities

Please refer to the clinical instructors’ manual for all further details, as well as roles and responsibilities for clinical instructors.
An excerpt from the manual on the role of clinical instructor designates:

CI Designate:
“CI designates can be appointed to assist with competency assessments. CI designates should have a minimum of two years’ experience and have an affinity to work with students. Interest in clinical teaching can be demonstrated by the willingness to take a preceptorship/instructional skills course and/or be familiar with any preceptor information available. Please contact Clinical Coordinator for details.

Designates must complete the competency assessment form providing comments and examples where appropriate. The competency requires validation by the CI prior to sign off in CompTracker.”

Contact information

Denise Poelzer
Program Head
Tel: 604-451-6918

School of Health Sciences: Medical Radiography program website