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simulation tech with VR headset
  • Simulation Education through the SOHS Simulation
  • Pathway micro-credential
  • Simulation Tech Education
  • Virtual simulation development and customization
  • Research and Testing of Health Equipment, ISO or PD for using specialized equipment.

Simulation as a Service
Coming Soon.
In the near future we will offer an educational service that will support simulation in your own facility.

  • Want to offer simulation but do not have the space or equipment? We can offer a full service experience from concept to delivery that will support your pedagogy and learning outcomes for your students.
  • Need help programming a scenario. We can assist with the development, documentation and programming of your manikin.
  • Want to develop a script for your standardized participant? We can help with that.
  • Need help planning an expansion of your simulation spaces? We can offer consulting services that will help you create the space that meet your current and near future needs.