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School Quality Committee

Welcome to the website of the School Quality Committee (SQC) for the School of Health Sciences. We hope you will find what you are looking for here, regarding the SQC review processes for new program development and curriculum changes, as well as other relevant information.

The School of Health Sciences (SOHS) is a leading provincial and national provider of Health/Life Sciences education in Canada. This reputation is earned and maintained by a commitment to advancing best practices through excellence in curriculum development and implementation, applied research, and accreditation. The SQC has been established by the SOHS to ensure the quality of its educational programs and activities. Within the school, the SQC plays an important role in ensuring standards of “programs and courses that are coordinated with career development and growth of the practitioner”, as stated in the BCIT mandate.

The SQC has worked hard to streamline review processes to ensure that they are practical and easy to follow, without compromising standards. This committee is dedicated to reviewing these processes on an ongoing basis so that they remain helpful and relevant to all stakeholders. We welcome any suggestions and comments you may have. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated on the FAQ and Feedback page.

BCIT policies of reference include: