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Photo of two bsn preceptors.

Thank you for supporting BCIT nursing students by being a preceptor in the BSN program!

This website provides you with information about the BCIT nursing program,  the preceptorship experience, roles and responsibilities (learner, preceptor, instructor), teaching tips, helpful hints, and easy access to links and resources.

This information is intended to support you in your role as a BCIT BSN preceptor in the changing and complex environment of nursing practice and education.

Registered Nurse preceptors provide a wealth of experience to learners and in return receive the satisfaction of helping students learn and grow.

Often preceptors appreciate the different perspectives that learners bring to nursing practice. Preceptoring a learner contributes to an RN’s growth of teaching and learning skills.

Health Authorities benefit by engaging in the education of future employees and have an opportunity to give recognition to RNs who accept preceptorship responsibilities.