Energy: Burnaby Projects

Solar Power Tower

In 2003, BCIT added a new solar Power Tower to its Burnaby campus as both a training and research facility. The PV Power Tower is a rectangular tower about 15m high and 2m by 2m wide; each side has eight 240-Watt solar photovoltaic modules manufactured with "rainbow" photovoltaic cells as an example of the architectural possibilities of BIPV technology.

Development of a Smart MicroGrid at BCIT

BC's Innovative Clean Energy Fund (2008), raised through a small charge on energy utilities, gave BCIT $2.69m to set up BC's first smart electricity grid system. The project, led by the Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team (SMART), at the BCIT Centre for Applied Research and Innovation (CARI), will allow new and old power devices to communicate through a central system, making "smart" decisions to optimize power distribution and transmission. This micro-model will test smart metering, smart appliances, and integration of wind, solar, and bio-fuel sources into the current electricity grid. This knowledge will help BC meet its energy needs more sustainably.