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Image of the bcit aerospace technology centre in Richmond, British Columbia.

The BCIT Aerospace Technology Campus, part of the School of Transportation, is the largest aerospace training school in Canada. The Aerospace program has been in Richmond, BC for over 60 years and a brand-new facility opened in 2007, with capacity for 1,000 students, and a number of green features.

Ecologically sensitive site design

The building is set well back from the river shoreline, creating footpaths and trails for students, faculty, and visitors. The land the campus is built on is adjacent to prime natural habitat, so special care was taken in the site design. A greenbelt buffer of trees and bushes was left intact to form a natural break between the Fraser River and the campus.

Geo-exchange system

A geothermal heat pump serves as the primary heating and chilled water system for the entire campus. The ingenious system uses the hangar’s massive concrete slab as a radiant heat source, with air-to-air heat recovery that warms adjacent shops and classrooms. Another benefit of the heating system is that it does not use large amounts of ductwork in the ceiling, so height could be reduced between floors and space maximized, and not interfere with the flight path overhead.

Other green design features include low profile, low-glare, high-efficiency lighting, and building electrical subsystems.The building, made up of 1,700 glass panels and 11,000 cubic metres of concrete, was designed by Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd., and built by Ledcor Construction Ltd.

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What we aspire to achieve:

Become ecologically restored

Become greenhouse gas neutral