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Important update

Fall eligibility for the StrongerBC future skills grant is now closed. We hope to have information regarding our Winter 2024 registration available by mid-October.

About the StrongerBC future skills grant

The StrongerBC future skills grant (FSG) is here to help you pursue the future you want. The grant will cover up to $3,500 of eligible costs for your short-term skills training at public universities and colleges in BC.

Student Eligibility

To be eligible for the StrongerBC future skills grant, you:

  • Must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Protected Person entitled to study in Canada.
  • Must be B.C. residents and currently live in BC.
  • Must be 19 years or older or have graduated high school by the start of your course/program.
  • Must provide consent for BCIT to disclose your information to the Province.
  • Should not be receiving duplicative and/or overlapping funding to cover eligible costs (i.e. grants, loans, scholarships, or other funding that covers the same program costs as the StrongerBC future skills grant)

You should also understand that:

  • Benefits may have tax implications
  • The grant is subject to a lifetime maximum of $3,500
  • If you are receiving any federal or provincial benefit, such as Employment Insurance (EI) or BC Employment Assistance (BCEA), you must seek approval from the appropriate government body before participating in a program
  • The amount of funding you receive is subject to review and audit.

Confirm your FSG eligibility status

  1. Find a program that interests you and verify that you meet the admission requirements, and that the timing fits your schedule.
  2. Create a BCIT ID if you do not already have one.
  3. You must register into any eligible courses before requesting funding.  You will not need to make any payment during the registration process for StrongerBC FSG eligible courses.
  4. Registration is currently closed.
  5. Submit the form immediately after completing your registration in order to hold your seat. If this form is not received within 24 hours you may be dropped for non-payment.

Registration for Fall is now closed

More information to be submitted by mid-October.

Course Materials

Certain programs are eligible for additional funding to support the cost of books and course materials.  If you are pursuing any of these programs, you will receive this funding in the mail (as long as you have not used up your lifetime $3,500 allotment).  The following programs are eligible for this additional funding:

  • Agile Development: $90
  • Automotive Service Advisor: $50
  • Automotive Service Management: $50
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspector: $50
  • Essentials Net-Zero and Passive House Construction: $100
  • Fiber Optics – Principles, installation and Repair: $35
  • Inspection Facility Operator: $50
  • Supervising Net-Zero and Passive House Construction: $100
  • Technical Communication Essentials: $50
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) – Clearing: $50
  • Whole-Building Lifecycle Assessment: $100

Funded students in these programs will receive cheques in the mail for materials costs in November.  Please ensure that your address is up to date.