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Flexible Learning (Part-time Studies) Courses

The table below indicates if there are seats available in the following courses over the next two terms. To view availability and register in specific classes, please view their respective course pages via the links below.

CourseFall 2022Winter 2023
Advanced Computer Graphics for Architecture (BLDG 4425) NoNo
Architectural CAD 1 (BLDC 2400) MaybeYes
Architectural CAD 2 (BLDC 2405) NoYes
Architectural CAD 3 (3D) (BLDG 3400) NoNo
Architectural CAD Rendering (BLDG 3405) NoNo
Architectural Drafting (DRFT 1000) MaybeMaybe
Architectural Planning 1 (BLDC 2000) NoYes
Architectural Planning 2 (BLDC 2005) NoYes
Autodesk Revit (BLDG 2800) MaybeYes
Autodesk Revit 2 (BLDG 2805) NoYes
Autodesk Revit For Structures (BLDG 2900) NoNo
Autodesk Revit For Structures 2 (BLDG 2905) NoNo
BC Building Code: Multi Unit and Small Buildings (BLDG 1825) MaybeYes
BC Building Code: Part 3 Advanced (BLDG 1835) NoYes
BC Building Code: Part 3 Introduction (BLDG 1830) MaybeYes
Building Code: Part 9 (SFD) (BLDC 1500) MaybeMaybe
Building Envelope Laboratory (BLDC 3060) NoYes
Building Envelope Performance (BLDC 3050) MaybeYes
Building Envelope Solutions (BLDG 1137) NoNo
Computer Construction Estimating (BLDG 3840) NoYes
Construction 1 A (BLDC 1200) NoYes
Construction 1 B (BLDC 1205) NoMaybe
Construction 2 A (BLDC 2200) NoNo
Construction 2 B (BLDC 2205) NoYes
Construction Documents and Contracts (BLDT 2011) NoYes
Customer Service and Home Warranty (BLDC 1010) MaybeMaybe
Estimating 1 (BLDC 1300) MaybeYes
Estimating 2 (BLDC 2300) MaybeMaybe
Financial Planning and Budget Management (BLDC 1020) MaybeMaybe
Green Roofs - Details, Installation and Maintenance (GROW 1000) NoNo
Green Roofs - Planting in the Pacific Northwest (GROW 2000) NoNo
Introduction to Business and Technical Communication (COMM 1103) NoYes
Introduction to Construction Economics (BLDC 2150) MaybeYes
Managing Asbestos in Your Buildings (BLDG 1100) NoNo
Materials and Methods 1 (BLDC 1050) NoYes
Materials and Methods 2 (BLDC 2050) NoYes
Residential Landscape Design (BLDG 1008) NoYes
Statics (CIVL 1120) NoYes
Technical Mathematics for Architectural and Building Technology (MATH 1401) NoNo
Vancouver Building By-law (BLDG 1845) NoYes