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In general, program fees cover tuition expenses, as well as, most service fees. In addition to program fees, students must purchase books, study materials, and supplies. Specific tuition costs depend on whether you are enrolled in full-time studies, apprenticeship training, part-time studies, or degree programs. There are also specific fees for international students.

Student financial aid & awards

Student Financial Aid and Awards assists full-time and part-time students in accessing and managing educational financing resources, including BCIT award programs and need-based financial assistance programs. Find out more at Student Financial Aid and Awards.

They can help answer questions about part-time and full-time student assistance programs, government-sponsored student loans, BCIT tuition fee deferral, and BCIT full-time student bursaries. They can also provide students with a budget-planning sheet.

In some cases, a confidential appointment with a financial aid advisor can be arranged to discuss a student’s education financial plan, budget planning, emergency funding, student assistance problems, and navigation of the government-subsidized student loan programs (applying, repayment, and debt management.)

BCIT award programs are coordinated by Student Financial Aid and Awards and include:

  • BCIT Entrance awards: non-repayable, an application is required
  • BCIT President’s Entrance awards: non-repayable, an application is required
  • BCIT In-term Scholarships, Graduating Awards, and Achievement Awards: non-repayable, no application required.

Other sources for financial assistance

External awards are scholarships, bursaries, and awards that are not administered by BCIT. Students are responsible for inquiring and applying through the appropriate agency as indicated in awards descriptions. In most cases, the awards are available to students from other institutions. Criteria and application procedures vary greatly and in some cases students must have a connection or affiliation to the donor organization.

Start your research at External AwardsStudent Awards, and Scholarships Canada.

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