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Welcome to BCIT Recreation virtual running club! Join us for challenges, running routes & as a way to stay connected to the BCIT community throughout your fitness journey.


Strava is a fitness-tracking and social media app designed for runners and cyclists with three main features: Tracking, connecting, and competing. Users can track their fitness via GPS within the app, or log their fitness manually, among other features. Strava’s features fall into three main categories: Tracking, connecting and competing. Strava users can sign up for a variety of motivational challenges, such as those which set a distance or a climbing target to meet. Progress is tracked after each ride is logged, and a ‘badge’ is awarded when the challenge is completed.

Strava can be used on a smartphone, computer, or a fitness tracker. Strava app users can record their exercise, and choose from a wide variety of exercise options like running, e-bike riding and canoeing, including things like distance, pace and details about how they felt about the experience.

The Strava app is used by BCIT Recreational Services to help users connect with other people in the BCIT community who share their fitness interests and even discover local clubs and athletic challenges.

BCIT Recreation Club Guidelines

  1. Participants must join the club on Strava. To join a club, hit explore on the Strava club and search for BCIT Recreation.
  2. Record activity using the Strava app.
  3. Activity must be named (BCIT Recreation Halloween 5K for example)
  4. After you finish recording your run, Strava automatically logs your run in the club page and gives you the option to post your activity and photos in the club page.
  5. If you choose to participate in a virtual run, you do so at your own risk and acknowledge that running carries an inherent risk of physical injury
  6. Participants are encouraged to view this Get Active Questionnaire [PDF] and ensure that, if they answer “yes” to any of the questions, they seek medical advice before participating in any virtual run.

Club Contests and Prizes

Join the BCIT Recreation Club on Strava/Record the Activity with the appropriate name/post a photo of the run. Email to claim your prize. To win any prizes, participants must be a current BCIT student or alumni.