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BCIT Recreation reserves the right to refuse services and access based on violation of policies, inappropriate conduct or failing to follow the directions of the on-duty Recreation Service Coordinator or Assistant.

Participants engaging in inappropriate behavior or not complying with BCIT Recreation Policies may receive the following sanctions: warning, temporary suspension or revocation of privileges.

All BCIT students, staff and public members must be able to present their BCIT ID upon request by any BCIT official.

BCIT recreation services expectations

BCIT Recreation has established appropriate standards of conduct, which all participants are expected to follow while using recreation services and facilities, with the goal of creating a friendly and positive environment for everyone.

Participation in all recreation activities is a privilege and all participants are expected to:

  • Scan their BCIT ID Card or Membership Card when entering the facility.
  • Treat all staff, other participants, the facilities and equipment with respect.
  • Act with courtesy and integrity while respecting the rights, welfare and dignity of other participants.
  • Adhere to the polices and procedure set by the department and BCIT while using the facilities and participating in programs.
  • Act in a safe and responsible manner regarding themselves and others.

BCIT Recreation Services and policies and procedures are posted on the website.

Policies, procedures & codes of conduct