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Guidelines and Expectations

BCIT Recreation Services Guidelines

BCIT Recreation is a leader in a connected, engaged and thriving community. Recreation is an integral and dynamic part of BCIT campus life. We cultivate connection, active living, and wellbeing.

BCIT Recreation guidelines are in place to create an equitable, safe and inclusive environment for everyone. Specific guidelines exist for our Fitness Center, Intramurals, Drop-In programs, Court bookings and Personal Trainers.

All individuals are expected to:

  • Scan their BCIT ID Card or Membership Card every time when entering the Burnaby fitness centre and BCIT ID Card at the Annacis Island and Downtown Campus facility to access the space.
  • Treat everyone with respect, in accordance with BCIT’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy 7507. This includes refraining from any conduct or comments which are bullying, harassing, or discriminatory. Anyone who observes inappropriate behaviour is strongly encouraged to report it to a Recreation staff member immediately.
  • Adhere to the guidelines and expectations set by BCIT while using the facilities and participating in programs.
  • Follow all on site decisions regarding any activity or code of conduct.
  • Act in a safe and responsible manner regarding themselves and others.
  • Treat the facilities and equipment with care.

Any behaviour deemed to violate the guidelines will be investigated fairly and without bias. Any behaviour(s) deemed to breach the guidelines can lead to verbal warnings, disciplinary actions, sanctions, suspensions, removal, or termination / revocation of privileges.

Guidelines & expectations