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Guidelines and Expectations

BCIT recreation services expectations

BCIT Recreation Services is an integral and dynamic part of BCIT campus life. We are committed to offering diverse, inclusive and accessible programming for the BCIT Community.

Recreation Services has established expectations for all BCIT Recreation staff, BCIT students, BCIT employees and community participants. These general guidelines apply to all facilities, services and programs associated with Recreation Services, with the goal of creating a welcoming and positive environment for everyone. It is the responsibility of all users to familiarize themselves with, and adhere to these expectations.

Participants are expected to:

  • Follow all BCIT Recreation guidelines and expectations
  • Follow BCIT safety practices
  • Scan their BCIT ID Card or Membership Card when entering the Burnaby Campus Recreation facility
  • Treat themselves, staff, and other participants with respect. Racism, bullying, threatening and harassing behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Promote an inclusive environment in which differences are valued
  • Act in a safe and responsible manner regarding themselves and others
  • Respect all BCIT property and the property of others
  • Seek direction if there is a question about compliance with BCIT Recreation expectations

Any possible violation of these expectations will be investigated fairly and without bias. Breaches can lead to verbal warnings, disciplinary actions, sanctions, suspensions, removal, or termination/revocation of privileges.

Guidelines & expectations