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Lockers, Laundry, Towels & Equipment

Locker, laundry, & towel

All lockers, except those of which are coin-operated, must be purchased at the Recreation Services front counter.

Towel service equips you with a clean towel with each visit to the recreation facility. Laundry service includes a towel and laundry bag for your workout gear.

Rates are pro-rated from the month of purchase after June, 2022.

  • Half Locker
    • BCIT Students*: $68.25
    • BCIT Staff and Public: $87.75
  • Full Locker
    • BCIT Students*: $136.50
    • BCIT Staff and Public: $175.50
  • Laundry Service (includes Towel Service)
    • BCIT Students*: $102.38
    • BCIT Staff and Public: $131.63
  • Towel Service
    • BCIT Students*: $68.25
    • BCIT Staff and Public: $87.75

*With valid BCIT-issued ID card

**BCIT is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen property**

Prices do not include tax

  • To receive a towel, you must submit a token to the front desk. No Token = No Towel.
  • To receive token back, you must be seen returning towel. No Towel = No Token.
  • BCIT Recreation Services is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Service expires May 31, 2023. Non-renewed services will be cleared-out. Refunds are not permitted.
  • There is a $5 fee for failing to clear out or renew an expired locker. This fee is due in order to collect any items that were cleaned out of the locker.

Sports equipment

  • Balls: Free with BCIT ID* card
  • Racquets (squash, racquetball, tennis): $1.50
  • Towel: $1.50
  • Punch Passes are also available for purchase. Visit the Front Counter for more information

* BCIT or government issued ID cards will be held at the front counter while renting items.

Note: All squash court bookings must be done online or in person.


Are available to rent for $10.00 a day (24-hour period). Late fees will be deducted from the deposit.

*There is a $100 deposit per pair of snowshoes required at pickup. The deposit will be returned to you via the designated payment method when the snowshoes are returned*