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In order to keep your mind and body working in unison, it’s important to take a break from sitting at your desk for long stretches of time. Try to get up for at least 10 minutes every hour to help keep you energized and focused.

Recreation Services is here to help, with 10 simple “Deskercises” to get you started!

1. Side Bend

man stretching by learning from side to side

2. Quad stretch

man stretching quads

3. Hamstring stretch

man reaching down to touch his toes

4. Reverse lunge

man doing reverse lunges

5. Incline pushup

man doing an incline pushup be leaning on a desk

6. Squats

man doing squats

7. Tricep dip

man with his hands on a desk behind him, legs stretched out in front. lowering himself with his arms

8. Tricep stretch

man stretching his arms behind his back

9. Leg extensions

Alternate between pointing your toes toward the sky and forward

main with one leg extended point his toes straight ahead and then up

10. Figure 4 leg stretch

man crossing one bent leg across the other