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As a post-secondary student, you can expect to write a lot. With time, practice, and an understanding of good writing techniques, not only will you write more clearly, but you will also write more quickly. Improving your writing skills can be hard work, but it is work that pays off in the end. The goal of this course is to help you prepare to use your writing skills to succeed in your studies.

Person holding a red pen to write on a noteboo

As a high school student I didn’t know the amount of reading and writing I may encounter in the first year of post secondary courses. This course helped me to understand good writing techniques and practice my writing skills.

Jerome Philips, New Marketing Student

Course details

Course number: MOOC-0151
Course title: Introduction to Post-Secondary Writing
Prerequisites: None
Completion criteria: 

Review all the content in the course.

Completion award:

  • Digital badge
  • Printable Statement of Completion

Registration fee: None


This course is developed for High school graduates and 1st year post secondary students to learn good writing techniques to be successful in their post secondary education.

Delivery details

The online course consists of four independent study modules that enable you to proceed through the material at your own pace. Although it is recommended that you follow the lessons in consecutive order to maximize the learning, it is not a requirement.

This is no instructional or tutorial support available in this course. If you are struggling with any of the concepts, additional resources have been provided that may assist you with different perspectives on the course material. You are encouraged to investigate any of the topics in more detail.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • understand the requirements of common post-secondary writing assignments
  • interpret instructions to understand assignment requirements and grading criteria
  • follow a writing process
  • use strategies to cope with writing anxiety and writer’s block
  • recognize and correct common grammatical errors
  • employ strategies to review and improve your writing
  • understand the difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement
  • follow a system such as APA style to cite and reference sources

Time commitment

Approximately, 8 hours.

Completion award

  • Statement of Completion
  • Digital Badge

To register

Once registered

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