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This course will enable you to forecast for trending and seasonal data in Excel. The Methods to be covered will be Holt’s Method, Holt Winter’s Method, Deasonalizing & Multiple Regression on Seasonal Data.

The course provides the opportunity to use and evaluate current software.


I never thought of myself as different until I came to understand that others didn’t see or value data the way I did. I found this course very helpful in giving me some new skills with which to pursue both my interests in data analysis, and in my future work.

Jason Brown, Student

Course Details

Course number: MOOC-0130

Course title: Seasonal Forecasting Methods

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of the concepts of forecasting and data analysis.

Completion Criteria: A Score of 50% or greater on the 14 self-assessment activities throughout the course.

Completion award: Digital badge and printable Statement of Completion

Registration fee: None


This course will be of benefit to those:

  • Who need to learn forecasting methods to perform data analysis, for their research or for school courses.
  • With an interest in data analysis who are planning on continuing their learning in the field.

Delivery Details

  • This course consists of nine online topic-specific self-study modules.
  • Although it is recommended to follow the content in the order presented, you are free to access it in any way that meets your personal needs.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the 4 components of time series data
  • Identify seasonality in data
  • Learn how to perform Holt’s Method for Trend
  • Learn how to perform Holt Winter’s Method
  • Learn how to deseasonalize data
  • Learn how to create dummy variables
  • Use multiple regression & dummy variables to perform forecasts on seasonal data


  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • A rudimentary knowledge of math
  • A rudimentary knowledge of stats (not necessary but recommended)

Time commitment

  • 10 to 20 hours of independent study.

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