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This course is an invitation to being in deeper relationships with both yourself, and the people you encounter in your work, education, and beyond.

For many of us, engaging in anti-racist practice feels uncomfortable. This is because many have the privilege of being uninformed, staying out of the conversation, or keeping our distance from the issues, topics, and themes explored in this training. Talking about racism can be scary.

But it is not as scary or uncomfortable as experiencing racism, is it?

In this training, you will be challenged, stretched and supported to reflect, engage deeply, and cultivate a stronger anti-racist practice. To that, we must begin from an understanding that racism is a collective, societal problem. We are all responsible for unlearning, and dismantling racism.

Most of us, are not taught about racism. Unfortunately, the less we know about it, the more likely we are to be passive bystanders who are unaware, uninformed, or under-equipped to disrupt the harm and oppression of racism. We may not even know what racism really looks like.

This training aims to help you get a clear sense of what racism and anti-racism look like.

This was a transformative course for me. I found my unacknowledged beliefs and assumptions challenged and, for the first time, felt what it is like to live in someone else’s shoes. Thank you BCIT for offering a course like this.

Heidi Riter, Retired Accountant

Course details

Course number: MOOC-0101
Course title: Anti-Racism
Prerequisites: None
Completion criteria:

  • Review all the content in the course
  • Completing all self-assessment quizzes with a score of 80% or better. You can attempt the self-assessments as often as you need to.

Completion award:

  • Digital badge
  • Printable Statement of Completion

Registration fee: None


Everyone wishing to gain a better understanding of how racism is a collective, societal problem, and how to reflect, engage deeply, and cultivate a stronger anti-racism practice.

Delivery details

The online course consists of four independent study modules that enable you to proceed through the material at your own pace. Although it is recommended that you follow the lessons in consecutive order to maximize the learning, it is not a requirement.

This is no instructional or tutorial support available in this course. If you are struggling with any of the concepts, additional resources have been provided that may assist you with different perspectives on the course material. You are encouraged to investigate any of the topics in more detail.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Describe what racism and anti-racism look like.
  2. Discuss the impacts of racism on society.
  3. Develop your own anti-racism practice.

Time commitment

Approximately, 3 hours.

Completion award

  • Statement of Completion
  • Digital Badge

To register

Once registered

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  1. Access your online course at
  2. Login with your BCIT ID (A0…) and password.
  3. Scroll down to your My Courses listing and click on the course link.