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Free online courses from BCIT

Welcome to BCIT’s Free Online Learning platform.

Since 1964, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) has taught and trained experts, professionals, and innovators who shape our economy—across BC and around the world.

We are proud to offer free online courses to the global community. Online courses bring advantages of convenience and flexibility – providing you with the opportunity to study and work anytime, anywhere. These online courses are available to anyone with a computer and internet connection.

You’re sure to find something in one our three pillars to broaden your mind, prepare you for post-secondary education, or to explore your career options across different industries.

All of our Free Online Learning courses are short (6-14 hours), self-study, and use applied learning activities to ensure you takeaway tools that will enhance your life.

We’re adding courses all the time, so come back often.
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Enjoy your journey of discovery.

Featured course of the month


Purchasing and Driving an Electric Vehicle

This entry-level course will introduce the basics of electric vehicle (EV) ownership, exploring topics around buying, operating, and charging. We look at various EV myths and how developing EV ownership data is assisting vehicle purchasers in making sound decisions armed with factual knowledge. This course explores EV adoption among underrepresented communities including persons with disabilities, Indigenous persons, and youth with an emphasis on rural and remote areas. This course is assembled with lived experience from BCIT’s Applied Research, School of Transportation and industry partners, as well as with survey data from BCIT’s nationwide survey around barriers to EV adoption. Road transportation accounts for 20% of Canada’s total greenhouse emissions; this course, by building awareness and public confidence around EV ownership can assist Canadian understand EV adoption while assisting Canada meet its 2035 target of all new light-duty vehicle sales to be a zero-emission vehicle.

Three pillars of learning for a better world and your place in it.


Learn the tools needed to understand the world better and to contribute to a global society where everyone can flourish and thrive as global citizens.

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Prepare to enter post-secondary learning, either in general, or through pre-entry self-assessment and remediation. Find helpful instructional skills, as well.

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Discover opportunities to understand learning paths and career options in different industry sectors as you prepare to make life-changing decisions.

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