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Trades Core Skills

Develop essential tools for success in your trades program with this course. This course consists of two components designed to empower your academic journey and career readiness.

First, you will delve into effective study skills that will equip you with the strategies needed to excel in your studies, ensuring a successful completion of your trades program.

Second, you will explore career preparation as we guide you through essential aspects essential for thriving in the trades industry, encompassing everything from understanding employer expectations and honing communication skills to following workplace safety protocols. Whether you’re aiming to conquer your coursework or confidently step into the professional world, this course provides a holistic foundation for your growth and achievement in the trades.

Course details

Course number: MOOC-0315
Course title: Trades Core Skills

Prerequisites: None
Completion criteria: Review all the content in the course
Registration fee: None


This course is developed for anyone studying to become a trades professional to learn effective study, communication and problem solving strategies to support their growth and prepare them for successful careers.

Delivery details

The online course consists of 3 independent study modules that enables you to proceed through the material at your own pace.

At the end of each module, there are opportunities for you to self-check your own knowledge. Although it is recommended that you follow the lessons in consecutive order to maximize the learning, it is not a requirement.

There is no instructional or tutorial support available in this course. If you are struggling with any of the concepts, you are encouraged to investigate any of the topics in more detail.

Learning outcomes

    • Effective Learning Strategies and Techniques:
        • Utilize study strategies for improved comprehension.
        • Apply active listening techniques to enhance understanding.
        • Employ effective note-taking methods to capture key information.
        • Apply techniques for efficient reading of textbooks and research materials.

      Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills:

        • Describe employer expectations and factors contributing to job satisfaction.
        • Promote respect within the workplace.
        • Explain how to maintain healthy relationships with both customers and co-workers.

      Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Stress Management:

        • Demonstrate effective problem-solving and decision-making skills.
        • Describe stress management techniques to cope with workplace pressures.

      Safety and Equipment Handling:

        • Explain safety precautions and procedures related to personal apparel and PPE.
        • Describe fall protection systems and their associated equipment.
        • Outline  proper methods of lifting and moving objects safely.

Time commitment

  • Approximately 20 hours

Completion award

  • Digital Badge
  • Printable Statement of Completion

To register

Once registered

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