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Introduction to Marketing

While many people equate marketing with advertising, marketing is so much more. It encompasses business functions in the key areas of developing goods and services, making pricing decisions, executing promotional strategies, and managing distribution.

Introduction to Marketing is designed for people new to the world of marketing who want to gain an understanding of these essential business functions. Whether you are a student, a small business owner, or just a naturally curious consumer, this course will help you understand the foundations of marketing.

Course details

Course number: MOOC-0311
Course title: Introduction to Marketing

Prerequisites: None
Completion criteria: Review all the content in the course
Registration fee: None


The course may be used as a refresher before taking another marketing course or may be used by anyone who wants to gain personal knowledge of marketing.

Delivery details

The course consists of seven independent study modules that learners can work through at their own pace. To accommodate different learning styles, the material is presented in three formats: standard course modules, videos, and condensed handouts. The content in the three formats is the same, except that the regular modules have practice exercises and some additional linked readings.

Learning outcomes

    • Outline the 4Ps (product, price, place, promotion) of the marketing mix.
    • Explain the elements of SWOT analysis and how SWOT is used to develop marketing strategies.
    • Explain segmentation, targeting, and positioning.
    • Conduct a competitive analysis.
    • Describe market research and its value.
    • Understand the basics of integrated marketing communications.
    • Distinguish between paid, owned, and earned media.

Time commitment

  • Approximately 6-8 hours

Completion award

  • Digital Badge
  • Printable Statement of Completion

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