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Electric Vehicle Industries

This course builds on the basics of electric vehicle knowledge and explores topics around developing industries that exist to support electric vehicles from manufacturing to repair to recycling. The course is assembled with lived experience from BCIT’s Applied Research, School of Transportation and industry partners, as well as with survey data from BCIT’s nationwide survey around barriers to EV adoption. We take a deeper look into the vehicle manufacturing processes, the life of an EV battery, battery repair and reuse opportunities, battery recycling processes, and the transitioning automotive support sectors. The goal of this course is to highlight that while during this technological shift some industries will be challenged, but also to highlight the developing opportunities for those looking to upskill or reskill and support those planning to future proof their career trajectories or business ventures.

Course Details

Course number: MOOC-0392
Course title: Electric Vehicle Industries
Prerequisites: None
Completion criteria: 70% or above from self-assessment activities
Completion award: Digital Badge and printable Statement of Completion
Registration fee: None


Anyone wanting to know about electric vehicles, how they are made, the battery lifecycle, and the industries developing to support the EV market and transitioning to mass EV adoption.

Delivery details

This is a self-study online course with no instructional support.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Discuss vehicle manufacturing process.
  2. Discuss the lifecycle pathways of an EV battery.
  3. Identify battery repair and reuse requirements.
  4. Explain battery recycling process.
  5. Describe the transitioning vehicle support industries.
  6. Explain transitioning automotive sector career opportunities.

Time commitment

This course will take you between 10 – 12 hours to complete.

Completion Award

  • Statement of Completion
  • Digital Badge

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