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Intercultural Communication Competence and Diversity Awareness

Many of the problems plaguing our world today are rooted in the diverse nature of our society. The movement of people we see today, throughout the globe, is unprecedented and, while it shouldn’t be, the resultant cultural diversity can be a source of conflict amongst individuals and communities.

Much of this problem stems from communication challenges. When we don’t, or can’t, communicate, we can’t see through the eyes of another person. Awareness, empathy, and acceptance become the victims of our failure to share our stories, learn from each other, and learn to stop fearing and embrace our differences.

Intercultural Communication Competence and Diversity Awareness

This 8-module course serves as an introduction to the dynamic forces which enhance effective communication between persons from various cultural backgrounds. Its goal is to encourage intercultural communication competency, otherwise known as ICC. Due to rapid globalization, ICC is no longer an option, but a necessity for us all.

Course Details

Course Number: MOOC-0257

Course Title: Intercultural Communication Competence and Diversity Awareness

Prerequisites: None

Completion Criteria: Self-assessment

Completion Award: Digital Badge and printable Statement of Completion certificate

Registration Fee: None


This course will benefit everyone who lives in our culturally diverse world in the 21st century.

Delivery Details

This is a self-study online course consisting of eight modules. While you are encouraged to follow the lessons in consecutive order to maximize the learning, it is not a requirement.

The value of learning in a course like this is the meaning you find and how you fit your insights into your life. Throughout the course reflective activities will enable you to plan for the application of your new knowledge.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate between effective communication vs. effective intercultural communication competency
  • Recognize perceptual barriers to intercultural competence (ethnocentrism, bias, racism) in themselves and others.
  • Think critically about how global colonialism and racism have inspired global social movements that aim to eradicate both
  • Evaluate and reflect upon their intercultural selves through appreciative inquiry

Time Commitment

  • 10-12 hours

Completion Award

  • Printable Statement of Completion certificate
  • Digital Badge

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