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Academic integrity is a key value of post-secondary institutions. However, integrity is an important value to apply to all areas of a student’s current and future life. This course will discuss integrity as a core value in our lives not only as students, but also as workers and global citizens. The course will focus on:

  • Defining personal integrity
  • Inter-cultural perspectives on personal integrity
  • Examining our own personal integrity values
  • Applying personal integrity in academic, professional and global contexts
  • Contributing to group/organizational integrity
  • Personal integrity and leadership
  • Exercising self-reflection regarding integrity

I spent the summer preparing for university. As a recent high school grad, I wasn’t prepared for the change and the “real life” nature of university learning. I found this course not only helped me to understand the expectations of university, and my career, but it also helped me to appreciate the implications of the decisions I will be making on the rest of my life.

Course Details

Course number: MOOC-0121

Course title: Academic Integrity

Prerequisites: None

Time Commitment: 8-10 hours

Completion Criteria: Review all the course material and complete all the activities.

Completion award: Digital badge and printable Statement of Completion

Registration fee: None


This course will be of benefit to those:

  • Who want a better understanding of want integrity is and how it forms part of our character and values.
  • Who are entering post-secondary education, or their career, so that they appreciate the impact of their decisions and the way they choose to lead their lives.

Delivery Details

  • This course consists of six online topic-specific self-study modules.
  • Although it is recommended to follow the content in the order presented, you are free to access it in any way that meets your personal needs.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Define personal integrity
  • Identify inter-cultural perspectives regarding personal integrity
  • Examine their own personal integrity values
  • Begin to apply their own personal integrity to their current context
  • Apply strategies for contributing to group/organizational integrity
  • Apply personal integrity to their leadership role (if applicable)
  • Exercise self-reflection as a routine part of their personal/academic/professional/global life

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