Marine Studies in Vancouver Canada

BCIT is the primary provider of accredited professional training for the maritime industry in Western Canada. We offer a wide range of courses and programs in navigation, marine engineering, seamanship, and maritime safety and security.

NOTE: Must provide proof of successful completion of prerequisites to the instructor on the first day of your course in order to receive a Transport Canada Training

Note: Due COVID-19 the ability to obtain a Transport Canada (TC) medical may be difficult.  BCIT will accept application without a TC Seafarers medical and if found competitive for the program you may be made a conditional offer.  Once a TC Medical is obtained (fit-Deck or Engine Service) after application and you have been made a conditional offer for acceptance you will receive full acceptance.

A full listing of Transport Canada Approved Physicians is available through Transport Canada.

*A full listing of the planned courses for this year can be found on our Planned Training Schedule. Course dates may change without notice.