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Training solutions

For over forty years BCIT has trained thousands through our corporate training and industry services program. We are experts in customized curriculum design and instructional delivery in the following sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Motive Power

Talk to us about your training needs. We may have just the training you are looking for.

Our team

Sanja Boskovic
Associate Dean, Aerospace
BCIT Aerospace Technology Campus
Tel: 604-419-3700

Captain Philip McCarter
Associate Dean, Marine
BCIT Marine Campus
Tel: 604-453-4122

Nick Zhang
Motive Power Program Coordinator, Part-time Studies/Industry Services
BCIT Burnaby Campus
Tel: 604-432-8205

John Dymond
Business Development Manager
BCIT Burnaby Campus
Tel: 604-432-8543

Debbie Power
Program Coordinator, Marine Bridge Watch Rating – Enhanced
BCIT Burnaby Campus
Tel: 604-456-1072

Stacy Notman
Program Assistant: Industry & Events
BCIT Burnaby Campus
Tel: 604-456-8196