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Welcome to ERRTH

The Emission Reduction and Research Test Hub (ERRTH) is an applied research facility located at the BCIT Motive Power Centre of Excellence on Annacis Island, in Delta, BC.

Together with industry partners and all levels of government, ERRTH creates a cleaner environment by effectively measuring vehicle emissions, testing proposed solutions, and improving air quality. Specifically, ERRTH supports new product development from proof of concept through design, testing and commercialization, and by offering objective data to governments on engine emissions. The objective is to minimize emissions while enabling the use of commercial transportation and heavy duty equipment for economic growth.



Since BC’s AirCare program was phased out in 2014, there has not been another local, independent research group or facility able to test the actual performance of new emissions improvement products. As businesses begin testing their products in development for engine wear, emissions reduction, or fuel efficiency, there is a growing need for an objective, third-party organization to provide independent data that authenticates their claims. ERRTH addresses this need and supports these enterprises as they move towards commercialization.

ERRTH tests and measures exhaust gas emissions for all modes of transportation and fuel types. This includes testing and measuring regulation compliance, horsepower (hp), torque, effectiveness of devices or additives, and vibration analysis.

The ERRTH Team

ERRTH is comprised of sustainability-focused BCIT faculty members, researchers, and experts who are committed to the reduction of carbon fuels and who understand the needs of the transportation industry. The ERRTH team holds close relationships with industry (mining, construction, shipping, natural gas), and municipal, provincial and federal governments.


A dynamometer is a device that measures the power characteristics of an engine or system under load. The engine dynamometer allows us to measure engine mechanical condition, fuel control strategies, different fuels and lubrication systems.

The chassis dynamometer allows us to measure the entire powertrain rather than just the horsepower, torque and fuel consumption at the engine. This includes noise, vibration and harshness concerns, transmission and final drive operating characteristics.

Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS)

The PEMS unit tests the emissions of vehicles and moving heavy equipment. It can be either mounted on or carried inside a moving vehicle to replicate real-time driving conditions.