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Oye, Russell Associate Dean (Interim)
Kidd, Chelsea Administrative Manager
Cadet Diploma Programs
Otto, Jeff Cooperative Education Coordinator
Shahverdi, Shima Program Assistant
Marine Engineering
Beyenir, Serhat Department Head, Marine Engineering
Bouchedid, Zad Faculty
Coman, George Faculty
Keiver, David Flexible Learning Faculty
Kiriian, Sergii Faculty
Kuligowski, Irek Faculty
Mikhailov, Vadim Faculty
Sarwal, Sanjeev Faculty
Marquardt, Carl Department Head, Nautical Sciences Cadet Program (NSCP) & Seamanship
Alphonso, Myles Faculty
Carroll, Steven Faculty
Damian, Daniel Faculty – leave of absence
Dragon, Radu Seamanship Technician – leave of absence
Gardiner, Chris Faculty
Lang, Carla Flexible Learning Faculty
McElroy, Alex Faculty
Pereira, Agnelo Faculty
Pichugin, Ivan Faculty
Rudrarkumar, Manik Faculty
Siddiqui, Mujeeb Faculty
Gregory Sutton Simulator Technician
Susanthan, Sam Faculty
Tipton, Travis Flexible Learning Faculty
Wilson, Sam Seamanship Technician (Interim)
Burrows, Lori Admissions and Registration Officer
Bruce, Trudy Admissions and Registration Officer
Carson, Sherri Program Assistant
Hopkins, Glenda Operations and Quality Assurance Coordinator
Keller, Melanie Program Assistant
Knapp, Kathy Administrative Assistant to Associate Dean