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Sponsorship opens up a world of possibilities for students seeking to pursue their educational goals. It involves a company or agency willingly shouldering the responsibility of covering your tuition fees, irrespective of whether you choose to study part-time or dive into a full-time program.

If you find yourself engaged in apprenticeship training, BCIT Apprentice Services is available to provide valuable information on sponsorship. They possess the expertise to guide you through the intricacies of the sponsorship process, ensuring you have the necessary support to fulfill your aspirations.

To begin the sponsorship process, register for your desired course(s) online. Once registered, proceed to submit a Letter of Authorization, a document that serves as a testament to the sponsorship agreement. Finally, take the necessary steps to pay for your course(s), ensuring a seamless transition into your educational path.

For more detailed information about the sponsorship process, visit the Admissions website.