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Flexible Learning (Part-time Studies) Courses

The table below indicates if there are seats available in the following courses over the next two terms. To view availability and register in specific classes, please view their respective course pages via the links below.

CourseFall 2022Winter 2023
Accounting for Technologists (TMGT 7122) NoMaybe
Applied Ethics (LIBS 7002) MaybeYes
Applied Research Methods (TMGT 8102) NoMaybe
ArcGIS 1: Introduction (GIST 7128) NoYes
ArcGIS 2: Data Management and Analysis (GIST 8128) NoYes
ArcGIS 3: Customization and Modelling (GIST 8138) NoNo
Business Law (BLAW 3100) MaybeYes
Cartography and GeoVisualization (GIST 8117) NoYes
Critical Reading and Writing (LIBS 7001) MaybeYes
Economic Issues (ECON 1150) NoYes
Engineering, Technology and Management (TMGT 7101) NoMaybe
Fundamentals of GIS (GIST 7100) NoMaybe
Fundamentals of Mapping (GIST 7108) MaybeYes
GIS Computing and the Internet (GIST 7130) NoNo
GIS Database Systems 1 (GIST 7132) NoNo
GIS Database Systems 2 (GIST 8132) NoMaybe
GIS Programming 1 (GIST 7010) NoMaybe
GIS Programming 2 (GIST 8010) NoYes
GIS Project (GIST 8125) NoYes
GIS Project/Practicum Proposal (GIST 7122) NoNo
GIS Remote Sensing (GIST 8118) NoMaybe
Geospatial Systems Management (GIST 8109) NoNo
Human Resource Planning and Control (TMGT 7144) NoNo
Implementation Issues in Data Management (TMGT 7152) NoNo
Information Technology Management Issues (TMGT 7155) NoNo
Law for Intelligence-based Business (TMGT 7133) MaybeNo
Management Issues in GIS (GIST 8110) NoNo
Management Skills and Applications (BUSA 7250) MaybeYes
Mapping Using Microstation (GIST 7109) NoNo
Project Management/Resource Utilization (TMGT 7102) NoMaybe
Spatial Analysis (GIST 8106) NoNo
Tactical and Strategic Business Use of the Internet (TMGT 7153) NoYes
Technical Issues in GIS (GIST 8100) NoMaybe
Technology Management Communication (TMGT 7142) NoNo
Trends in New and Emerging Information Technologies (TMGT 7154) NoYes