What it Costs to Study at BCIT

Exact costs vary, but all students have to pay program fees, buy books and supplies, and cover their living and transportation costs.

Program Fees

Program fees include the tuition expenses for your program and the mandatory service fees. The exact cost for your chosen program depends on:

Total tuition for 2011-2012 full-time studies programs include:

Total tuition for Trades and Technical studies programs also include a tool deposit and lab or flying fee. Coveralls fees are included for applicable programs delivered at the following campuses: Annacis Island, Aerospace, and Marine. Students are required to supply their own coveralls for programs delivered at the Burnaby campus.

Total tuition fees for Technology programs include an optional co-op fee and a mandatory clinical and practicum fee.

Program fees, including student activity and student health plan fees, are estimated as follows:

Review these documents for a more specific breakdown of fees and what materials and services are included:

Fees are subject to change, but you can always find the most up to date fee schedules and information through Admissions & Registration.

Need Help?

Financial Aid and Awards at BCIT can help you prepare for the financial realities of pursuing a post-secondary education.

CanLearn financial calculator and budget tools are also a great resource for anyone looking into further education.