Communicating with BCIT

It's easy to get information at BCIT—whether you need details on your application status, grades, or graduation details.

Everything you need is in "myCommunication," which you can access through your myBCIT account. Think of it as your direct line to our Registrar's Office. Just log in to your myBCIT account and click on myCommunication to get started.

How do I access myCommunication?

You can access myCommunication from within your myBCIT account. Once you've submitted your application online, you will receive a letter in the mail that identifies your BCIT student number, BCIT email address and instructions on how to log in to your myBCIT account. 

After you've logged in, simply view your messages in the top centre box called “myCommunication from Student Services” or click on “myCommunication” under Online Self Service.

Why is myCommunication account important to me as a student?

Official letters are only available for viewing and printing via myCommunication.

Aside from an initial letter that is sent to you by mail when you first apply (which provides details about your myBCIT account and login instructions), all further communication will be available only in myCommunication.

BCIT also provides you with a personal email account within myBCIT as part of your application to the school.

Visit myBCIT to access your account.

Who should check myCommunication?

All students who apply through BCIT's Admissions or Apprentice Services department.

Who sends online communications via myCommunication to students?

Several departments within the Registrar's Office use myCommunication to keep students informed. However, please be aware that other departments and groups at BCIT (including your program area) may communicate with you through email or regular mail.

How will I know I've received online communications from BCIT?

You will receive an email at your myBCIT email account and your preferred email account with details on how to view your communications.

How do I forward the myBCIT email account to a different email account, like gmail or hotmail?

Please follow these email forwarding instructions.

Do students need to "do" anything?

No. You'll be notified via email if you have any communication to view.

What if I still need a printed copy of my letter?

Once you've logged into your myBCIT account, you will be able to view and print your letters (using your browser functions).


Contact BCIT Student Information and Enrolment Services at 604-434-1610 or toll free at 1-866-434-1610 (Canada and US only).