Fee Cap Exceptions

Whether or not you enrol for any of the following courses as part of a degree or diploma program, the full tuition fees apply.

FSCT5101- Chemistry for Forensic Science Technology
FSCT5102- Biology 1 for Forensic Science
FSCT5103- Information Technology Concepts For Forensic Investigation 1
FSCT5104- Information Technology Concepts For Forensic Investigation 2
FSCT6409- Crime Scene Videography
FSCT8101- Forensic Anthropology 2: Urban Crime Scene
FSCT8110- Forensic Anthropology 1: Rural Crime Scene
FSCT8120- Forensic Odontology
FSCT8160- Forensic Biology: Advanced Molecular Techniques
FSCT8303- Geographic Profiling 1
FSCT8304- Geographic Profiling 2
FSCT8350- Forensic Video Technologies
FSCT8351- CCTV and Forensic Examination
FSCT8352- Forensic Video Examinations
FSCT8353- Current Trends and Issues in Forensic Video Examinations
FSCT8430- Tactical Analysis
FSCT8431- Applied Research Methods and Statistics
FSCT8432- Approaches to Analysis and Reasoning for Crime Studies
FSCT8433- Crime Analysis
FSCT8435- Introduction to Intelligence
FSCT8436 -Introduction to Crime and Intelligence Studies
FSCT8460- Forensic Accounting 2
FSCT8486 -Strategic Analysis
FSCT8490- Forensic Data Analysis
FSCT8495- Asset Recovery
FSCT8520- Internet for Investigation