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Manufacturing represents close to 8% of British Columbia’s GDP, the fourth largest in the province and more than twice as large as tourism or high tech. Manufacturing in BC includes a variety of high value-adding sectors ranging from wood and paper products to aerospace, biotechnology and electronics. One in every five jobs in the province depends on manufacturing. More than 94% of manufacturing jobs are full-time with wages 15% higher than the provincial average. Careers in manufacturing are as numerous and varied as manufacturing itself, with this program addressing positions in engineering and middle management.

Program delivery mode: online

  • This program will be delivered online for the coming semester.

Your education is our priority and we will continue to deliver the applied instruction, collaborative experience, and industry connections that you expect from BCIT.

Is manufacturing green?

Manufacturing is a green house gases reduction leader in BC, reducing its emissions 3% since 1990. Total BC emissions rose 30% over the same time period. Also, manufacturing is the leader in development of new “green” technologies, such as solar and wind power.

Why Bachelor of Technology at BCIT?

The Bachelor of Technology in Manufacturing degree at BCIT is a unique part-time study opportunity for graduate engineers and technologists who want to upgrade their skills and acquire new knowledge necessary to pursue advanced employment in the manufacturing field. The program’s flexible schedule lets you take courses in the evening or on weekends while working full-time. You learn by taking courses from a variety of areas, combining hands-on experience in the lab with classroom work in business and management to help you advance your career. The program serves the needs of working professionals with classes held in the evenings, on weekends, and online course deliveries.

Careers – Manufacturers are looking for technologists, engineers, and technology-oriented managers to keep them at the forefront in the fiercely competitive global marketplace. To survive and prosper, they need people who are up to date on the latest trends and technology. You will be able to help these companies succeed, or start up and run your own business, using the knowledge you acquire in the Bachelor of Technology program.

Skills – This career enhancement degree program will give you advanced knowledge and skills in the areas of manufacturing processes, new-product design, project planning, automation, robotics, and business management. BCIT offers a broad range of courses that are continually updated to meet current industry needs. Key areas of study in the Bachelor of Technology in Manufacturing degree program are:

  • Manufacturing Management
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Design for Manufacture and Assembly
  • Materials
  • Product Development
  • Operations Management
  • Information Technology
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Automation and Robotics

The program consists of core courses that are essential to any manufacturing environment and electives that allow you to specialize in an area of study that may be of particular interest to you, such as:

  • Product and process design
  • Fixture and tool design
  • Manufacturing facility layout
  • Computer-aided process planning

You will also take courses in management that will help you advance your career, including:

  • Human-resource planning and control
  • Management of technological change
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Technology and international finance

Entrance Requirements

Find out more about getting started in the program!

If the Bachelor of Technology program interests you, review the entrance requirements below. If you have any questions regarding the entrance requirements and equivalents, please contact Program Advising.

Costs & Supplies


Explore the courses and classes you will be taking!

Each semester, plant tours of various companies provide you with a first-hand look at some of the manufacturing operations in the region, and give you an opportunity to meet other students and working professionals. For example, students have been guided through Avcorp, Teleflex, Whitewater, Triumf, and Pacbrake facilities.

After you finish the course work, you will complete an industry project that involves applied research or technology transfer in a workplace setting, and deliver a final report that demonstrates the practical application of knowledge and skills in the manufacturing sector.

Program Details

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Some of your work will be done in well-equipped labs and workshops, such as our manufacturing, robotics, or automation control systems labs, that simulate workplace manufacturing situations. The rest will be classroom lectures and discussions, supplemented by guided tours of real manufacturing operations.

Graduating & Jobs

Advantage of an additional credential

A bachelor of technology degree from BCIT shows that you are accomplished, focused, and serious about your chosen career path. The hands-on experience that you complete at BCIT gives you a significant edge in advancing your career, because employers know that you can quickly become productive in a new position.

Broad range of employment opportunities

The manufacturing sector is large and varied. You can work in businesses of all sizes, or set up your own company or consulting firm. Career opportunities are available in almost every type of company that produces goods for consumers, businesses, or government.

British Columbia and many other parts of Canada have thriving industrial sectors. Your degree will also put you in a good position to find work in other parts of the world, particularly if you develop a distinctive expertise or specialty.

Faculty, Advisors & Staff

A team of committed educators, staff and industry advisors work hard to help make you successful in the BTech Manufacturing program. You will be learning from highly qualified professionals who have extensive experience in the manufacturing industry.


Stephen McMillan, MEng, PEng
Program Head, BTech, Manufacturing


Brent Dunn, MEng, PEng
Associate Dean

Courtney Neish
Administrative Assistant

Aggie Konings
Program Assistant

Contact Us

If you want to discuss the program in more detail, please contact the program assistant at 604-432-8521.

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