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Entrance Requirements

Important Notice for International students and students on limited timelines

Prior to submitting a program declaration, those on limited timelines (e.g. with student loans or time-limited sponsorship) must first email to receive a signed Course Planning Document, which they will be required to attach to their online declaration.

Applications for international students must first be submitted online via How to Apply to Flexible Learning Programs – BCIT.

Please Note:

BCIT is Post-Secondary Education. Students must have English and Math skills equivalent to a minimum of BC high school Grade 12 level in order to complete courses in the CSC program.

Please review these alternatives to Grade 12 English equivalents.

One of the goals of this program is to help students acquire interpersonal skills. CSC students require strong communication skills by completing the 2 COMM courses at the start of this program. In the higher-level COMP courses students must engage in significant group work, write technical reports in teams, and make team presentations.

Please also consider upgrading with MATH 0001 prior to starting the program if you do not have recent higher math skills; Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry.

Domestic students
Students only able to take 1 course per term must first complete “Applied Computer Information Systems (ACIS)” Associate Certificate prior to starting the CSC, leaving COMP 1516 until the end of ACIS, and being sure to choosing the electives which apply to CSC.

Students who cannot achieve 70% or higher should repeat COMP 1516 prior to COMP 2501. This is the same for COMP 2501, 70% or higher prior to COMP 2601.

Students who are able to complete 2 courses per term (a 25 hour per week commitment), must first complete COMP 1002 and COMM 1103 or (COMM 1106 recommended) before contacting the department for a course plan to complete CSC without ACIS and ASD.

Please Note: CSC requires a minimum of 2 years of study, with a maximum of 5 years to complete.

Please read the Computing Flexible Learning Student Guide prior to declaring the CSC and before registering for any COMP courses. If you have any questions, email the department directly.


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