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  • This program will be delivered online during COVID-19.
  • Your education is our priority and we will continue to deliver the applied instruction, collaborative experience, and industry connections that you expect from BCIT.

The Computer Systems Certificate, CSC provides students with a foundation in Computer Science and Information Technology.

CSC the third step in the laddered credentials toward the Computer Systems Technology, CST Diploma and CST BTech Degree in PTS.

Students should complete “Applied Software Development, ASD” and “Applied Computer Information Systems, ACIS” prior to CSC.

In order to complete, CSC students need to acquire communication and interpersonal skills. There are two communications courses which should be completed in the first two terms.

Beginning with Applied Computer Concepts students then move on to the programming and math foundations of CSC.

Courses include procedural and object-oriented programming languages. Students start with Python, then move to Java before C and gain hands-on experience with software application development.

They also study scripting languages: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for web development, plus Relational Database and SQL

Required courses include: Applied Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Business Analysis and Systems Design, Computer Architecture, UX/UI and Agile.

CSC graduates may move on to the CST Diploma in Part-time Studies.

Read the Program Entry section and the Computing PTS Student Guide before registering for any COMP courses.

Computer Systems provides students with career-ready skills

Entrance Requirements

Important notice: Effective May 30. 2019, BCIT has suspended declaration into the Computer Systems Certificate program for all international students. This short-term program declaration suspension will provide better course availability for current declared students. International students who have not declared and have completed courses in this program between 2017-2019 should contact:


 You are expected to have a strong command of English and Math at a BC high school Grade 12 level or equivalent.

Please consider upgrading with MATH 0001 prior to starting the program if you do not have recent higher math skills.

Be sure that you have the required knowledge and skills before enrolling in any course, each course has prerequisites.

Most students will complete “Applied Software Development (ASD)” and “Applied Computer Information Systems (ACIS)” prior to starting the CSC.


Those on funding timelines could follow a specific schedule of 3 courses each term.

Please contact the department for course planning:

Part-time Studies program delivery:

The CSC program is designed for course by course delivery in part-time studies and it was not designed for students on limited timelines.

Many required higher-level and elective courses may not be offered each term and some PTS courses are only offered once per year.

It is typically not possible to fast-track the Computer Systems Certificate, CSC in less than 2 years.

Costs & Supplies

Students should have a personal computer with internet access capable of running MS Windows 10.

There are typically 17 -18 courses required to complete the CSC.

Students should budget $11,000 for tuition and books.

The average cost for each PTS course for Canadian citizens and permanent residents is around $500-$600 per course plus books.

Some students may complete the CSC over 3 years with 2 courses per term, this would equate to an average workload of 25+ hours per week.

Some students may complete CSC over 2 years (6x PTS terms) with 3 specific courses per term which equates to an average workload of 40+ hours per week between class time, reading and homework.

Attendance and participation are mandatory, students who skip classes or who do not participate may be dropped from a COMP course.

Please contact the department for course planning:


Some CSC required courses are only offered once per year.

COMP 2825 “Computer Architecture” is In January and May.

Please Note:

Students are not permitted to register for multiple COMP 2000 series programming language courses simultaneously.

Most students should complete Java prior to C Programming.

Program Details

Computer hardware and Internet requirements

COMP courses are now conducted entirely online until further notice. Students must provide a current model PC desktop or laptop with a web cam, microphone and have high speed internet access. Courses will be delivered in real time and may use two way audio and video as well as group work.

Students must be computer literate and be able to log in during regular scheduled class hours in order to participate and complete each COMP course. Please contact the department via email: if you have any questions.

Program Specific Details:

The CSC is equivalent to the first year of the full-time CST Diploma.

However, CST students who drop full-time will need to complete additional PTS courses to earn CSC.

CSC is a third level laddered credential encompassing the ASD and ACIS and requires 60 total credits.CSC is built on top of Applied Software Development (ASD) and Applied Computer Information Systems (ACIS) in Part-time Studies.

Each course has specific prerequisites and not all PTS courses are offered each term.

 CSC is designed for a part-time course by course delivery over a maximum period of five (5) years.

This part-time program was not designed to be completed in a full-time delivery model.

Most students complete the CSC in 3-4 years part-time.

Students build skills in communication and mathematics plus they may choose an elective from the CST/PTS Diploma including advanced courses in database development, business intelligence, web, mobile and advanced Java.

Students working on both of the ASD and ACIS Associate Certificates should choose electives that correspond to CSC required courses.

NOTE: This program is not designed for fast-track delivery or for those students on limited timelines.

Graduating & Jobs

100% of CSC students who completed the graduation surveys report that they are working full-time.

Faculty, Advisors & Staff

The Computer Systems Certificate, CSC parallels the first year of the Full-time Computer Systems Technology Diploma.

CSC was developed and is maintained by Kevin Cudihee, Program Head for BCIT Computing Part-time Studies and Industry Training.

BCIT Computing Part-time Studies “COMP” courses are delivered by subject matter experts who work in the field.

Several of our COMP instructors are graduates of our Computer Systems Technology, CST Diploma and Degree.


Advisory committee

This credential was approved by the Computer Systems Technology, CST Curriculum Committee and School of Computing an Academic Studies Quality Committee, SQC.

Students on Limited Timelines

Important Notice:
BCIT suspended declaration into the Computer Systems Certificate,CSC program for all international students on May 30, 2019. This short-term program declaration suspension will provide better course availability for current declared students. Domestic students who complete ASD and ACIS may still declare this program.


Note to students who require a minimum course load to retain eligibility for financial aid or international student status.

Please understand there are no guarantees that all or any Part-time Studies (PTS) courses will be available in any given term.

There is also no guarantee that the minimum required course credits you require can be sustained from term to term in PTS.

Most PTS courses fill quickly so space is not guaranteed and courses may be cancelled before term start if there is insufficient interest.

This may impact both the number of courses a student is able to take in any term, and the time it takes to complete a PTS credential.

As a result, students may not be able to obtain the minimum credits they need or want in each term to continue in the program.

Computing Part-time Studies

CSC was not designed for those attempting to complete this certificate program in a full-time delivery model.

Most Computing Part-time Studies credentials cannot be fast-tracked in less than 2 years due to prerequisites and scheduling.

Please make allowances for this 2 year minimum time requirement in your funding or student visa applications.

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