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If you are declared into an eligible Flexible Learning program, you have the option of combining multiple Flexible Learning courses in order to be eligible for a full-time student loan.


To be eligible for a full-time student loan, you must meet BCIT’s minimum full-time course load criteria.

How to apply

Step 1

Submit a Specific Course Completion Contract (SCCC) to Student Financial Aid and Awards (SFAA). This will allow us to complete an Appendix three for your online StudentAidBC application. Paper copies of the SCCC form are available at the Student Financial Aid and Awards office.

Step 2

Apply for your student loan online at StudentAidBC.

When completing “Part 2 – Program Information” of your online StudentAidBC application, ensure you select “dates not found.“ This will send our office a request to complete an Appendix 3.

Once we have submitted the Appendix 3, you will receive a notification email from StudentAidBC, and you may submit your completed StudentAidBC online application.

If you are applying through a province other than BC, contact Student Financial Aid and Awards office for instructions.

Interest-free status

Students attending an eligible BCIT program on a full-time basis are not required to make payments on previously negotiated student loans.

However, it is your responsibility to inform your government lending institution that you are attending full-time every term. This is called “maintaining interest-free status.“

Students who have negotiated loans with a province other than BC may be required to submit alternate documents. Please contact your home province for detailed information.