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Millwrights are often described as jack of all trades as they are expected to install, maintain and repair all types of machinery and heavy mechanical equipment in almost any industry. They work from plans and blueprints and install equipment and align parts or components.

Program delivery mode: in person

  • This program will be delivered in person for the coming semester.
  • We have put measures in place for your safety and well-being, ensuring that all safety protocols are addressed. Please see the BCIT COVID-19 page for details on the procedures that have been implemented.

Your education is our priority and we will continue to deliver the applied instruction, collaborative experience, and industry connections that you expect from BCIT.

Millwrights also maintain and repair machinery as required. They learn how to use grinders and lathes so they can make their own parts if necessary. Maintenance includes cleaning and lubricating, or adjusting valves and seals. They must inspect and examine the equipment to find and investigate problems and breakdowns, although some millwrights specialize in installation of machinery only.

BCIT also offers the Apprenticeship Technical Training in millwright.

The program

Training prepares students for entry-level employment as an apprentice in the millwright trade. Basic theory and related information along with hands-on shop practice will enable students to become competent in basic millwright duties. Graduates receive credit for first-year apprenticeship technical training.

Kylie Golden, BCIT Student, gives us a closer look at the Millwright Program.

Entrance Requirements

Costs & Supplies


Program Details

Graduating & Jobs

Job opportunities

The potential for entry into a millwright apprenticeship is good at this time. The expertise gained in this entry-level course is suitable for application to other trades and almost all industries. A graduate from this course should expect entry-level employment until an apprenticeship becomes available.

Anywhere that machinery exists there is usually work for a millwright. Employment for millwrights is mainly centred on the major BC industries: mining, pulp mills, wood processing and petrochemical plants, with smaller numbers being employed in the manufacturing field and the food processing industry. The construction industry also employs millwrights on short- and long-term contracts where their main function is the installation of equipment.

Faculty, Advisors & Staff


Bryan Messer, Millwright CQ
Department Head
Tel: 604-456-8134

Robert Braun, Millwright CQ
Tel: 604-432-8517

Stanley Jung, Millwright CQ
Tel: 604-432-8309

Erick Medina, Millwright CQ
Tel: 604-432-8386

Andrey Murphy, Millwright CQ
Tel: 604-453-4066

Blair Patterson, Millwright CQ
Tel: 604-453-4054

Adrian Smith, Millwright CQ
Tel: 604-412-7420

Richard Wilczek, Millwright CQ
Tel: 604-432-8339

Dan Sasso
Toolroom Attendant
Tel: 604-432-8774


Brian Buckley, BSc
Associate Dean
Tel: 604-451-6964

Mary-Anne Pangan
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 604-432-8259

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